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Rush	 Network Render Queue

Rush Network Render Queue

Rush is distributed network render queuing software catered to large and small computer graphics production and post-production facilities.

The software manages distributed rendering, compositing, or other third party command line oriented rendering software (Maya, Softimage, Houdini, Renderman, Shake, etc) over small and large networks of Linux, Mac, Windows (Vista/XP/2K/NT), and SGI machines.. all can be either 32 or 64bit OS’s.

Rush is currently used in production on networks with over 500 hosts.


  • Linux (Redhat/Fedora/Centos/Ubuntu/.. 32+64bit),
  • Windows (Win7/Vista/XP/2K/NT 32+64bit),
  • Mac OSX (Yosemite/Mavericks/MtnLion/Lion/SnowLep/Leopard/Tiger, Intel & PPC),
  • Irix (Irix 6.5)


Rush Feature Highlights:

Web Submit Forms Using Python Submit Scripts

The python submit scripts (,, etc) can also be used as cgi-bin scripts to allow submitting jobs via URLs to an Apache webserver.
See details in the rush/examples/python/README-web-submit.html file for info on how to configure.


Black color theme for Irush and Submit forms (103.03)

For all you night owls and color timing folks who like their rooms and interfaces as dark as possible


Enhanced Column Headers + Customizable Columns For Irush Reports

The column headers in all the reports have been improved to look a bit nicer and more consistent with other applications.


New Job Report Default Fields

New fields have been added to the default Jobs and All Jobs reports to help render wranglers and artists better manage jobs.


Right Click Context Menus

New right click menus offer an alternate way to do operations in irush on selected lines in reports.


Automatic “Frames” report by holding Alt while double-clicking a job

When viewing a Jobs or All Jobs report, double-clicking a job makes it the current job, and if you hold down the Alt key, it will also automatically show the Frames report for that job. (Saves the extra step of having to hit the “Frames” button)


Job Edit Command Input Fields

Makes long job commands easier to read and manage.


IRUSH_JOBS & IRUSH_FRAMES Environment Variables

These environment variables are passed from irush to any custom Hotkey scripts so that they can determine which jobs/frames are selected in either the “Jobs” or “Frames” reports of irush at the time the Hotkey script is invoked.
The scripts can then operate on the selected jobs/frames accordingly.

Column Truncation Indicators

Truncation indicators appear when a column’s size is too small to show data, and the data is being truncated. This helps prevent any confusion about whether a field is being cropped.



In Rush 103.05, Rushtop got some attention to improve its interface useability.


Network I/O Added to Rushtop (103.05)

A new bar has been added to rushtop that shows network I/O of each machine in bytes per second in and out of the machine.


Enable/Disable Rushtop Columns (103.05)

You can enable/disable any of the columns of data using the popup menu’s new “View” submenu.


Interface Font Size Adjustment (103.05)

People with large hi-def screens will want this feature; lets you enlarge the interface’s fonts to be easier to read on large screens with tiny pixels.


Improved Rushtop Host selection

If there are columns of information in rushtop you don’t want to see, you can turn them off using the popup menu’s new “Hosts..” dialog, which lets you pick the hosts you want to see. You can do ‘swipe’ selections, use ^A to select all, and use Ctrl to toggle items.


Rushtop Shows Hostname Lookup Errors

In cases where machines don’t have IP lookups, rushtop shows these errors in the bar for that host, making it easy for admins to see hostname lookup problems.


Submit Scripts

Python Submit Scripts with Shotgun Support

There are now separate Python submit scripts that include optional Shotgun Software ® support. These scripts can either be run as standalone apps, or import’ed directly into Maya, Nuke, and other renderers that support Python internally.
There is also a growing Python API modules for Rush so that your own scripts can import these modules to load job/frame reports and manipulate jobs.


Added submit-xsi, submit-redline Submit Script

These two scripts had been floating around for years via email support, but was never added to the mainstream release until now.
The submit-xsi script supports all versions of Xsi to date, and the submit-redline script supports the Red camera’s R3D file conversions.


“Task” vs. “Advanced” Shotgun Workflows

Your Shotgun administrator controls whether Rush (and shotgun) uses Shotgun’s “Task” workflow, or the more generalized “Advanced” workflow via the shotgun_io.conf file (typically located in the same directory tree as the script).

Here’s a comparison of the two different workflow modes in the Rush submit forms



Large ‘All Jobs’ Reports

There was a network packet size limitation that affected large ‘rush -laj’ reports caused by some network switch/OS combinations which has been fixed by implementing fragmentation size control via the rush.conf file, allowing for much larger reports.



Added this field to the ‘rush -ljf’ report, allowing symmetry for resolving the WaitFor dependency tree both forward and reverse. (PAWEL/FUELVFX)


Easy Multi-job Priority Increase/Decrease

Both irush and ‘rush -cp’ support relative priority adjustment, so that one can increase/decrease priorities without flattening priority staircasing. Examples:
rush -cp ‘*’ @+5 — increase priority by +5
rush -cp ‘*’ @-5 — decrease priority by -5
rush -cp +any=50@100 @+10 — increase priority from 100 to 110

Irush also makes use of this feature in the ‘Jobs’ and ‘All Jobs’ report
so that one can easily raise/lower the priority of multiple selected jobs at once



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