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Get Render is an online render farm catalogue, which provides a networking channel for render companies’ and their prospective clients round the world.

This is achieved by the avenue of render companies’ creating a personal page and advertising their services etc on getrender.

All these and more, makes Getrender the go to directory of choice for prospective clients.

Get Render features:

  • Prospective clients can make contact directly using the contact link located in your company page
  • Full list of all the submitted render farms around the world, listing their services
  • Separated list of Verifind and Unverfied render farms
  • Possibility to choose the render farm using the Geo location on the map
  • Being one of the featured companies’ and advertising your services in our front page
  • Description box for your company and the business it engages in, in your companys’ page
  • A means of business contact via website address , telephone number , Email and skype etc
  • All the companies’ can Get verified by completing the company page
  • Possibility of adding social networks like face book , twitter etc
  • Possibility of adding your supported plug-ins , soft-wares and render engines
  • Option of adding your render farm(s) specs in your company page for perusal by prospective clients
  • Platform for displaying your awards in your page
  • Platform for advertising accomplished tasks and services to prospective clients
  • Option of listing the your working hours for the perusal of prospective clients
  • Option of choosing your location on google map


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