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EnFuzion parallel computing software

EnFuzion parallel computing software

EnFuzion is a high performance parallel computing software.  Designed to enable large scale parametric studies, EnFuzion provides a software framework and tools to enable every aspect of creating and running millions of jobs in a parallel, distributed environment, whether it is on a single multicore computer, or 1000 dedicated servers.

EnFuzion reduces the complexity of parallel computing, and helps users gain orders of magnitude more results faster and easier.

Today’s multi-processor, multi-core computers are capable of doing many tasks in parallel.  Everyone can employ parallel computing techniques and tools to get more results in less time, whether you one one computer or many.  EnFuzion makes parallel computing easy.


Get Started

  • Use EnFuzion to get more performance from the multicore computers
  • Achieve 10x speed-up on 8-core, 16 threads
  • Simple to setup


Speed Up

  • Use EnFuzion to connect networked computers to maximize resource utilization
  • Achieve linear speed-up proportional to the number of computers
  • Simple to set up, flexible


Scale Up

  • Use EnFuzion to manage dedicated servers to guarantee performance
  • Achieve linear speed-up proportional to the number of computers
  • Easy to share resource by the whole team


Embarrassingly Parallel

Many computing problems are “embarrassingly parallel”.  EnFuzion is the perfect solution for solving these problems.

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Power Grid Simulations Computer Aided Designs Engineering Computations Image Processing Financial Analysis Scientific Computations



Use EnFuzion to run single-threaded program as-is, on multicore computers and many computers, without a re-write.

Distributed Processing

Use EnFuzion to manage distributed computing on multicore computers, servers and compute clusters.

In-house & 3rd-party Apps

Use EnFuzion to parallelize in-house algorithms and commercial applications.


Parallelize and Parameterize

Want to run the same program or algorithm with many different combinations of input parameters? EnFuzion offers a simple and powerful interface to parallelize and parameterize your programs, making conducting large scale parametric studies easy.


Generate Parallel Jobs

Generate parallel job using simple text files, Excel spreadsheets or the EnFuzion Preparator tool.

Parameterize Parallel Jobs

Parameterize individual execution instances with unique input values.

Run Parametric Sweeps

Answer the “what if” question by running many parametric sweeps quickly.


Submit and Run Your Parallel Jobs

Submitting thousands or millions of jobs for execution is easy. EnFuzion offers several job submission interfaces for you to submit and run your jobs in parallel, on all the cores of all the machine you have.


Desktop Application
Application-specific plug-ins

Web Browser
Simple, access from anywhere

Command Line
Easy, complete control

Python API
Programmable control
enables further automation


Fault Tolerant Advanced Job Management

With an unmatched advantage over simple batch processing, the EnFuzion fault tolerant job management features give users the tools to manage millions of jobs with ease, while maintaining per-job visibility and control.

Queue and Forget
Simply queue your jobs and leave EnFuzion to manage them to completion.

Scheduling Options
Maximize resource utilization and performance, enforce IT policies with advanced scheduling options.

Smart Dispatch
Balance core and memory usage to prevent machine lock-up with smart dispatch options.

Fine Grained Job Control
Fine grained job control give you the ability to restart or abort individual jobs. No need to restart a whole run because of individual job failures.

Fault Tolerance
Overcome instabilities and faults in computers, networks and file systems with fault tolerant control options.

Execution Logs
Identify and solve program execution problems with the help of extensive log files.


Logging and Reporting

Every aspect of the operations of a compute cluster is logged by EnFuzion. The information help uses users and IT better manage program execution and resource utilization.

Execution time, memory usage, application output, results, error and much more tracked for each job.

Uptime, memory usage, page faults and more tracked for each computer.

Users, user groups, authentication policies and priorities tracked and enforced.

Pre-defined daily, weekly or monthly reports and custom reporting format supported.





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