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DrQueue Distributed Render Queue

DrQueue Distributed Render Queue

DrQueue is a powerful open source distributed render farm manager, used for a range of applications across the visual effects industry and for general batch processing jobs in science, engineering and finance. DrQueue is licensed under GNU GPL Version 3.

DrQueue started as an application to provide distributed render queueing and management services for rendering animations.

The generic service DrQueue provides allows the distribution, monitoring and management of tasks across a network of computing nodes. A queue of jobs composing of a number of tasks are spread over the computing nodes and processed in parallel.

DrQueue Usage

Most widely used in the visual effects and computer graphics industry, DrQueue is a popular distributed rendering manager. DrQueue distributes and manages scripts allowing virtually any batch process to be managed across one or more clusters from within a single application.


A task in DrQueue is composed of multiple jobs all of which require a script which is distributed to the nodes of the cluster and provides the means to complete the task.

Writing efficient scripts can be difficult as such DrQueue provides a number of script generators covering the major render engines and general batch processing applications. We also offer a range of development options to extend current functionality and will add further Script Generators on request.

Supported Renderers and Batch Processors

So far DrQueue supports 3Delight, 3DSMax, After Effects, Aqsis, Blender, BMRT, Cinema 4D, Lightwave, Luxrender, Mantra, Maya, Mental Ray, Nuke, Pixie, Shake, Terragen, Turtle, V-Ray and XSI.

Supported Platforms and Operating Systems

DrQueue supports Linux, Mac OSX, Irix, FreeBSD and Windows. DrQueue supports mixed platform clusters and also mixed processor architectures. (It is possible to mix 32 and 64 bit machines!)

DrQueue Python & Ruby API

DrQueue includes Python and Ruby bindings that provide you with a complete set of calls, object and data types to create all kind of tools, clients, interfaces, daemons or whatever you might need not found in the trunk code.

Information and examples on their usage are available in Python Bindings HowTo and Ruby Bindings HowTo.


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