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The chart below shows the application templates that SquidNet currently supports. Application templates are initially created with basic support (frames to render, output render path, etc...) and are modified and/or enhanced on a per request basis only so let us know if you'd like us to amend any of the templates shown below. Also, let us know if you would like us to add support for any addi...

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distributes tasks to a farm of execution servers. It manages large queues of concurrent jobs from many users, enforcing dependencies and scheduling policies. Tractor is designed to be a compact system, relative to the complex role that it plays:

  • Tractor-Engine: The central job queue manager, self-contained single install. Low overhead operation with engineering emphasis on high thr...

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The latest generation of Smedge render farm management software gives you the stability and performance of a proven enterprise scale render farm controller, in a package that is easy to deploy, manage, and use, and that won't cost you an arm and a leg. Smedge has been proven in production for over 15 years, on networks up to 1,500 nodes. Combining your Windows, Linux and Mac machines is a snap wit...

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Rush is distributed network render queuing software catered to large and small computer graphics production and post-production facilities. The software manages distributed rendering, compositing, or other third party command line oriented rendering software (Maya, Softimage, Houdini, Renderman, Shake, etc) over small and large networks of Linux, Mac, Windows (Vista/XP/2K/NT), and SGI machines....

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Royal Render is the powerful application to organize your render jobs for your renderfarm. It’s more than a tool to start frames on your farm, it's an advanced application to manage, control and check your renders.Royal Render has been shaped by the harsh realities of projects small and large. We constantly pursue improved workflow, meaningful features and better performance. We put ease o...

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At we partner with you to improve your render pipeline. We work hard to understand your rendering workflow and requirements, and offer comprehensive products and services to dramatically improve your rendering performance. We will offer an appropriate amount of installation assistance, targeted end-user and administrative software training and consulting services as needed. Success in digital ...

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is Virtual Vertex next generation render farm management system for film production, game development, and visual effect industry. Built on the top of state-of-the-art technologies coming from twelve years of developing and stress testing all around th world, Muster maximizes your render farm and let you delegate the resources monitoring to a complete automated environment. Made by dynamic fault ...

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is a specialized workload management system for compute-intensive jobs. Like other full-featured batch systems, HTCondor provides a job queueing mechanism, scheduling policy, priority scheme, resource monitoring, and resource management. Users submit their serial or parallel jobs to HTCondor, HTCondor places them into a queue, chooses when and where to run the jobs based upon a policy, carefully m...

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EnFuzion is a high performance parallel computing software.  Designed to enable large scale parametric studies, EnFuzion provides a software framework and tools to enable every aspect of creating and running millions of jobs in a parallel, distributed environment, whether it is on a single multicore computer, or 1000 dedicated servers. EnFuzion reduces the complexity of parallel computing, and...

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is a powerful open source distributed render farm manager, used for a range of applications across the visual effects industry and for general batch processing jobs in science, engineering and finance. DrQueue is licensed under GNU GPL Version 3. DrQueue started as an application to provide distributed render queueing and management services for rendering animations. The generic service DrQu...

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